Extrusions are traditionally used for decorative or structural parts using Aluminium.

 Various finishes can be applied, the most common being anodising.

Extruded sections are used in many applications, from architecture to small cases and housings.  They are also used for structural cabinets and benches.

We have supplied many enclosures using a construction combining extruded and moulded components providing a high quality product.

Being produced in Aluminium, extrusions offer high strength and lightness with low cost tooling.

Plastic extrusions can also be produced and are ideal for continuous sections in long lengths such as used in window frames or sliding bearings.

Cases and housings using extrusions usually have a moulded or cast end cap and fabricated internal structures, which we can also supply.

Extrusions can be structural or decorative (or both) and can be finished by anodising or with a chromate coating.

We also offer heat sinks in Aluminium with or without embedded copper. Certain heat sinks and heat exchangers can be extruded entirely in copper. 

The thermal properties are good and in some cases, heat sinks can be used as rear panels for electronics enclosures.

While extrusions are normally supplied in long lengths, we can supply cut to size and CNC machined where needed.

Please contact us if thermal performance is a requirement.
Subject to annual volume, extrusions can be supplied from the Far East or from within the UK.