Castings of Ferrous and Non Ferrous Alloys by Precision Sand or Investment Casting, Gravity Die and for the best quality - High Pressure Die Casting for the higher volumes.

We can produce cast components in most metals including Steel, Stainless Steel, Magnesium, Aluminium, Brass, Zinc and Zinc Alloys.

High pressure die casting is particularly suitable for high volume parts requiring the least post processing finishing.

Castings can be sourced locally or in the Far East where higher volumes and savings on tooling costs and lead times provide a cost effective solution.

We provide most casting processes such as precision sand casting, lost wax or investment casting, gravity die, high pressure die casting and MIM Metal Injection Moulding.

Our process also covers post casting processing such as clean and descale, shot blasting, surface polishing, CNC machining, electro-plating, paint/epoxy powder coating.

Typical parts are large components such as complex motor mounts with aerodynamic surfaces, pump housings, gearbox cases, engine parts, brassware for home use, bearing cases and lightweight chassis for electronic products.