Single Phase Electricity Meter

A new product development for a Single Phase Radio Reading Electricity Meter for consumer use, considered 'the future of electricity metering'. 


Well, our customer was right.  This was the forerunner for the current Smart Meter designed and developed some 10 years earlier than those meters in use today.

The unique communications used both Broadband and/or GSM mobile communications to transmit readings directly to the energy reseller and providing the token-less system for pre-payment metering.
The design requirements were to produce two versions of the single phase electricity meter for Credit and Pre-payment applications. The prepayment version included a credit accept button.

The meter design is suitable for very high volumes and required to be easy to assemble, water resistant and to comply with recognised industry standards.  The design uses a combination of moulded components for the housing and silicone rubber for the button.

To reduce assembly times and to enhance the protection of the unit, internal clips were used as opposed to screws. These non-releasable clips were designed to shear if opening of the case was attempted.  The assembly uses snap fit features to retain all internal components. 

The meter readings are taken remotely and transmitted to the service provider periodically. This revolutionary approach removes the requirement for a visit for meter reading and automatically reports disruption to the electricity supply. Remote programming allows instant tariff changes and pre-payment of electricity easily made via the phone by the use of credit or switch transactions.

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