Desktop Tablet Stand

available with cable and wireless charging.


Qlic is a new development by PD Components addressing the need for a stable desktop mount to accept computing tablets.

Tablets are used in many applications and are becoming very popular by all.  Less cumbersome than a laptop and a mobile device not constrained to a fixed location.

Many jobs require a mobile solution but charging is always a problem with trailing cables often falling behind the workspace. Using a tablet at a desk is less than ideal.  Most tablets use a portfolio case or gel cover for protection.  Portfolio cases do wear and frequently collapse.  They also require space to be made for them.

Qlic was designed to offer the better alternative to the myriad of bent metal and plastic stands available and we considered a more robust and quality stand was needed but at a reasonable price.

Qlic construction comprises of an illuminated base, sheathed in polished Stainless Steel and a supporting arm in sculptured Aluminium with chrome plating.

The top tilt provides adjustment of viewing angle.  This joint is specially developed not to loosen in use and the tension can be adjusted to suit the weight of tablet being used.

The cradle will accept most tablets in either orientation up to 12.8" display and even accepts the tablet in a portfolio case up to 20mm thick.  The tablet sits on the lower ledge and adjustable tabs prevent the larger sized tablet tipping out.  The tablet is also retained by non-slip pads.

The stand provides charging facility by a connecting cable concealed in the arm.  Two versions are available, compatible with Android devices or those fitted with a micro USB socket and also Apple devices fitted with a Lightning connector.

Qlic Wireless is also available with a wireless Qi charging system and we include a charging receiver patch which can be attached to the rear of your device. This allows most tablets and smart phones to be charged in use or at any time when inserted onto the stand.

With business in mind, Qlic also offer wall and post mounted options allowing terminals to be located around the building for various uses.

Qlic is ideal in many applications for educational use, medical, policing, maintenance, surveying, corporate and of course consumer.  In fact any area where a mobile tablet is used.

There is particular interest in education as tablets are becoming more popular in schools - check out our video link below.




Many thanks to Stoke on Trent College, Creative Media Production TV and Film students  Chelsea, Brandon, Olivier and Chloe for their contribution to our project. 



Qlic is available in 2 colour schemes as shown above and 3 versions covering micro USB connection (Android based tablets and smart phones) Lightning connector (i-pad, i-phone) and Qi wireless charging options.

Qlic also has wall mounted options intended for business and industry.

We also offer extension cables, our own unique illuminated mouse mat and spare Qi Receiver patches to convert non-Qi devices for use with the Qi charging stand.

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Qlic is in production and despatch planned iSeptember 2016.


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