Fitness Equipment

CV Machine Control System 

The development was to redesign the original control console for Pulse Fitness Cardio Vascular range of fitness equipment suitable for low volume manufacture. The housing was designed using a two part moulded case produced in ABS. The case primarily secured by integral clips required only two fasteners for security. The design was produced to allow the system program IC to be easily changed without opening the case. A steel back plate is used to secure the unit to the top of each machine.

The main processor board was designed using advanced processor and memory storage using a multi-layer board with surface mount technology and an embedded operating system. Our customer specified a dual display system using a bi-colour dot matrix display showing the exercise profiles, and a lower display screen showing the exercise parameters in enhanced digital data.  This later changed to use the newly emerging TFT Graphic LCD panels in use today.
Powered by an advanced switch-mode power supply designed specifically to suit the required performance and reliability for all of the machines using both eddy-current and alternator braking.

Pulse Cardio Range

With the successful design of the control console, the project was continued into the exercise machines themselves. The range is made up of Cycles, Steppers, Recumbent Cycles and Tread Mills.

The designs were made initially to suit a low to medium volume production with the minimum of tooling investment and using the new control system with software specifically written for each machine. We concentrated on two areas, a new approach to the aesthetics of the machines and also the design for manufacture aspect by using injection moulded covers to allow for increased production volumes in the future. 

The cycle was the first product, which determined the architecture of the rest of the range. The chassis utilises a combination of moulded, cast and fabricated components along a common theme, reducing assembly costs and improving both aesthetics and manufacture.

While this greatly improved all aspects of manufacture, the high number of component parts still carried cost implications for the company.

Production was eventually moved to Taiwan to further maximise the savings in component design and production.
This program resulted in the company winning a number of awards at the product launch.


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