CV Fitness Equipment for Children

This was an unusual request following the successes of professional standard CV exercise machine design.

Our client commissioned a funky new range of CV machines intended for children, having recognised the potential risks of using adult machines which were not ideally suited for the smaller frame.

These concepts were hand drawn, which enabled the client to have an early visualisation of how the range could look.

Specific developments were the common control system offering precise exercise control and statistics while being simple and intuitive to operate.

The common design utilises the covers and other components across the range to minimise tooling investment. This approach allows high quality volume manufacture for a considerably lower cost with conventional designs.

The concept design of the Rowing Machine and Elliptical Trainer both have unique features not currently in use on competitors machines. Ergonomic design in conjunction with the basic requirements of both exercise and manufacturing are blended together to produce a state-of-the-art range.

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